Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Writing Challenge: Root Words

Root Word - Port (To carry)

Airport, transport, sport, opportunity, sportscaster, importance, carport

I took my Lamborghini out of the carport to take it to the airport. I was going to Las Vegas for the final race of the sport Car Showdown. My Lamborghini was hanging on the bottom of the plane, being carried. I was going to a sport car race. The sportscasters were analyzing was they thought was gonna happen before the race. The engines were about start up and the intensity would kick in. The green flag was out and the race has started! The race had only ten laps to go and I was in second. I took the opportunity and won the race! I took my Lamborghini back to my carport with my trophy.

Monday, January 4, 2016

What Is It that I Would Do with My One With and Precious Life?

I will travel across the World and build a good mindset and have a positive impact on the World. Also I will stop people from trying to make us extinct and putting harmful gases in the Atmosphere. I will save animals from being extinct because there is only one of some animal around the World. I will get my supporters and will stop people from not caring about what they are doing to the Earth because the Earth is very precious and it's the only planet we live on and we have to make it count. I will also drive cool and exotic cars because I love cars and going fast. I know cars put harmful gases in the Atmosphere, but we have to have more electric cars.
I will stop wars from happening because all we need is peace. Peace is the main key for living a good life, and war isn't needed. We will need peace during hard times and stop having horrible conflicts happen. We are slowly slipping away into a big bad war or mass extinction from our doing. I also want to become a car photographer because I love going to car shows and meets. I love seeing cars that are very low to the ground. I like taking pictures and recording videos with cool cars in them. I will do a lot of powerful things needed in the Human Civilizations around the World and will have my name remembered by many people, and have a great impact with cars.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Horror Story 12/17/15

“10-4, Jeff” Paul stated as he was in tenth in the NASCAR race at Talladega. There was 20 laps to go, which made it was the time for the racers to catch up and be in the lead. Paul knew it was now or never, but he didn’t know that a random driver was driving backwards when there wasn’t a caution. “10-4 Paul, watch out for a driver going the EXACT opposite way on the track.” “Clear by three outside.” Paul’s spotter said as he was trying to navigate Paul to the lead. “I feel a small vibration in the front left of the car,” Paul stated “will it be enough to hold on before a caution?”
Then, it was the driver Paul saw barely in front of the leader going the opposite way. In only a matter of five seconds, the field was like the aftermath of a tornado, but there was nobody to be seen in the car that went backwards. “Clear, brake now, turn left, turn right,” was all Paul heard as he was going through the mess of cars. “Clear go to the pit area, it’s a red flag.”
“Ok, I’m going there now,” Paul said.
There were only twenty - five drivers that escaped and survived the mayhem. The pits were empty and were scary because there was only twenty - five drivers that made it through. Fires were in most of the cars, and even some flipped over. Two cars were in the catchfence and went down from there. All the drivers were racing at 200 miles per hour or more. When the crash started, some of them already had some bad injuries.
Next, the race was brought to a red flag with 19 laps to go. The emergency crews quickly got all the cars and drivers that were involved in the wreck. Fred had a broken right leg and acl, because when he got out of his car, he laid on the ground with pain. Alex had a few broken bones, and a torn acl. Bob had a broken right and left foot, and got the worst of the damage. The wreck was the worst wreck in NASCAR history, 2 cars were in the catchfence and many others were damaged. The fans were surprised and one of them said, “Why did they not throw the caution while a car was going to exact opposite way on the track?” Joey said in anger and frustration. The fans were the most annoyed in the race, because they wanted a good race but not a bad move NASCAR didn’t make.

“How was the caution not thrown,” Paul said to his crew chief and spotter.
“I don’t know but if they did, this wouldn’t have happened” his crew chief said.
The race was in the red flag for two and a half hours. It was the most intense race of the NASCAR year. “Wow, that was a long red flag,” his crew chief stated.
“Thank god we don’t have flying cars, because the race could have been a lot worse.” Paul said in honesty.
“I like the fact that NASCAR threw the caution right after the wreck.” Don, his crew chief stated in sarcasm.
The race was back on and better than ever, but there was only 5 laps to go with only 25 drivers on the track. Paul was in twenty-fifth and needed to win or else he’d be out of the chase. He passed a driver each lap and with one lap to go, he was in second. This was it, the time was now. He was on the outside of Ryan, the first place driver into turn three. “Down into the trioval, they go,” the announcer of the race said. He was still on the outside, but had a run off the turn three and pasted Ryan in the trioval. He would win the race by 0.024 of a second.
“Yea, let’s go nice job guys good work!” Paul said in a lot of excitement. Paul went into victory lane with his car and his crew members followed him. He got out of his car and stood on the area where the window net would be in his car, and celebrated. Kevin, the pit road reporter came to talk to Paul about his victory.
“Good job on your win Paul, how did you get yourself into victory lane?”
“I got into victory lane by having great crew members and having great pit stops along the way, without them I wouldn’t have won!” Paul stated in joy.
“Thank you for your honesty and good work on the win!” Kevin said.
The last race of the season was in Miami, Florida where anything can happen. The points were The Mysterious Driver named Jack, John, Paul, and Wyatt. Qualifying was today and Paul’s team got to the track two days ago. There was only 25 drivers and teams that would race, practice, and qualify at Miami. It was time for qualifying at Homestead - Miami Speedway.
First, qualifying was split into two rounds. The Warmup Round which made the field go from 25 drivers to 12. The Pole Round was the last twelve drivers that would face off and try to qualify in first place. Paul went up last to qualify, he had to beat 30.028 in order to move on into the Pole Round.
“Let’s go get a good starting spot in order to win,” Don stated.
“I’m ready to go,” Paul said.
Paul was on the track for his warmup lap. His car was good, but it was a little tight going into turn one and loose going into turn three. He needed to find the right balance because he could spin out. Paul just got done his warmup lap and needed to do really good to make it into the Pole Round. On the first and second turn, Paul got a great entry and good exit. He didn’t have the best middle of the turn, because the car got really tight. On the last two turns he got a loose entry, and a tight exit. His lap time was a 30.027, and barely made it into the Pole round.
Paul made it and had to go to the pits to let his tires cool down. The lineup for the Pole Round was Jack, Wyatt, John, Carl, Riley, Adam, Brian, Eddy, Kevin, Sam, Tim, and Paul. The Pole Round was just about to start. Jack and John were the first drivers on the track. John got a 29.984 lap time, while Jack got a 29.982 lap time.
“How will I get a twenty-nine second lap time, in order to get the pole?” Paul said to Don in question.
“Do your best and hit your marks, that’s what will make you get that pole.” Don stated to Paul.
There was only a minute left for Paul, and he had to get two laps done. He went into turn one and turn on the outside with a lot of speed and got a great angle. Paul got a great run off of turns one and two, and got a great run down the backstretch. He went on the outside of turn three and four, but got a little loose. Paul’s first lap was a 29.948.
“Nice job buddy you got the pole, give it one more lap” Don said to Paul.
“Ok I will,” Paul said.
On his second lap, he got loose off of one and two and almost spun out.
“That was close Paul,” Don stated.
“I know. Luckily I held on to it,” Paul replied.
“Bring it down to pit road, we got too loose from that” Don stated honestly
“At least we might have the Pole,” Paul said.
Jack was the only driver that already qualified and he had a great car. Jack gave it one more lap. He did really well in turns one and two. He was in front of Paul’s time going into turn three and four. Jack also got a great run off of three and four. He got a 29.942 and beat Paul’s lap time.
“You have to beat him in order to win” Don said “but we got this, don’t worry.”
It was a night race at Homestead except if Paul didn’t win, he wouldn’t have enough money to pay off his taxes. The drivers were ready and the National Anthem and prayers for the drivers already finished.
“Now it’s time for the most famous words in Motorsports, here to give you the command is Jeff Gordon, a former NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver.” The NASCAR announcer on TV said.
“Driver’s, START your ENGINES!!” Jeff Gordon said really loud.
“ 10-4, buddy you ready!” Don said to Paul in excitement.
“You know I am!” Paul said to Don happily.

Next, the cars were on the track and the pace car was taking them around. Paul was about to have the craziest race of his life. The pace car was back onto pit road after three warm up laps. The field was about to be on the area where the race started.
“The green flag is out and we are racing for the Championship at Homestead!” The announcer stated excitedly.
The engines roared loud like a jet plane or a fighter jet. Paul and Jack had a great battle for the lead on the first lap. Paul got a run off of turn four and took the lead away, and got a championship point.
“Nice pass, buddy!” Don stated “now go get a good gap on him.”
“10-4, will do.” Paul said in concentration.
Green flag pit stops would happen in the next twenty laps. Paul had  an eight second gap to Jack. Jack’s car was really good on long runs, but not short. Paul’s car was good on long runs for 40 laps. Jack started catching up and with five laps to go before the green flag stops, he was two seconds behind Paul.
“Green flag pit stops have just begun with Paul going in first,” the NASCAR TV announcer stated.
“I need four tires, a wedge adjustment, and fuel,” he said to Don. “Ok bring it to us, 3, 2, 1!” Don said.
The pit stop had to be fast and also have no mistakes or else, he could lose. There was only three laps to go in the race, and a lot of crazy things happened. A five car incident happened and it didn’t take out any of the chase contenders. It almost took out two of them. A caution came out with two laps to go and Jack was in the lead. This changed everything. Paul had to make the winning move during the green white checkered. The pace car was on the track for two laps in the field.
“Here it is, who will win the Championship?” the NASCAR announcer stated in question.
Paul was ready and the green flag was back in the air, but he didn’t see where Jack was.
“Where did Jack go,” “did he do what he did at Talladega?” Paul stated in observance.
“PAUL WATCH OUT IT’S JACK” Don stated in fear.
In a matter of seconds, Paul couldn’t see anything and it looked pitch black and in pain.
“Yea I took him out!” Jack said.
“Why did he have to do that?” Don stated in concern.
Paul went to the hospital in Florida and saw Jack there.
“Are you ok?” Jack said to him in sarcasm.
“Wait are you my dad, Jack?” Paul said in surprise.
“I am and you know it, but it’s hard to see me.” Jack said stating the truth.
“It’s scary when you are in a wreck going 178 miles per hour” Paul stated in honesty and relief.
“I’m a mysterious person though and you’ll find out why you need me to scare you sometimes” Jack said.
“Why would you need to scare me” Paul said in mystery.
“I won’t tell you, but it’s something about fears.” Jack stated.

Paul would lose the Sprint Cup Championship, but he learned how to become a stronger driver. Fear is a powerful thing, and it’s just a matter and if or when you overcome it. When you overcome fear, good things start to happen to you like with Paul.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Drag Race That Made History

The alarm clock screamed, as I popped out of bed, like poptarts in a toaster. I was getting breakfast which was from Chik Fil A, but I was a little sick from the food I made last night, which was pork chops. I was getting ready for the JDM Slammed and Stanced Car Meet. Once I was ready, I headed out to my garage to get in my slammed Mitsubishi Lancer. It was a blue and green metallic Lancer. I was going to see a lot of JDM cars that were very low to the ground, almost as if the outside and exterior of the car touches it.
I had nice sports car wheels on my Lancer and they made my car get grip and go fast too. Also after the car meet, the plan was to do some pink slip drag races. The top speed on my Lancer was 215 miles per hour which can be as fast as some supercars and exotics. The color of my wheels were yellow and medium sized tires. The car meet was at Daytona Beach, Florida on the NASCAR racetrack. The meet was on a Friday and Jimmie didn’t go to school because of the meet.
This was a big day because there was pink slip drag racing which meant if you lost your race, then you lost your car. “I’m nervous because I don’t want to lose my nice Lancer” Jimmie stated. All of his competitors, had cars almost as fast as his. One of his competitors, Mark, had a Mazda Miata that could go 190 miles per hour, but his car had turbo. Another one of his competitors, Josh, had a Toyota Supra, that could go 214 miles per hour. If there were any problems with the car during the race, they would also be eliminated. “I hope nothing goes wrong”, stated Jimmie.
The drag race was split up into 4 rounds, with 40 cars in the first round. The next round had 20 cars, in it. The 3rd round had 10 cars, which then came to 2 in the last round. Whoever won the races got to take the cars, and $100,000. If Jimmie won the drag races, he would buy another car for his mom and dad, so they would have two cars. He would also pay off taxes and put some in his bank account. Next car parts could be upgraded and his car would look nice and have a top speed of 245 miles per hour.
The first race were about to start. Jimmie and Mark were the first runners. The drag race track didn’t have much rubber put down on it, so it will be a little slippery and the cars would have less grip. Both of them had done their burnouts and they were ready to go. Mark said “Let me take your car” to Jimmie, but he knew he might win. They had to get a fast reaction time. 3...2..1! and their off. Jimmie and Mark both had the same reaction time, but Jimmie had better acceleration halfway through the race. Then Mark started catching up and they were both neck and neck. Jimmie won the race by 0.10 of a second and took Mark’s car.  
“Josh, I’m ready!” Jimmie exclaimed as he was ready for the 1v1 drag race. Josh and Jimmie were at the starting line, and the race was about to start. 3...2..1.! and the race started. He beat Josh, but it was a close race. Jimmie won by 0.05 seconds. Jimmie was going on into the second round. His mom was watching the meet on TV, and his dad was watching him at the meet location. They both didn’t want Jimmie to lose. If he lost, he would lose his car and his grades would drop. He’d also get in fights with his parents because he won’t have a car. The next round was about to start and only 10 people would be in it. The top 10 drivers, were the best of the best in drag racing history with Slammed/Stanced cars. All the drivers in the top 10 were, Jimmie, Paul, Zach, Riley, Danny/Daniel, Kevin, Joe, Luke, Brad, and CJ. All the cars in the top 10 had equal amounts of speed and torque.
The 3rd round has started!! Jimmie and Brad were first up to race. Both of their cars had the same color, but were different cars. 3...2..1., and their off!! Jimmie was leading at the start until halfway into the race, when Brad started catching up. Brad was closing in, he was only three one-hundredths behind three-fourths into the race. Then Jimmie used his shifter one more time and his car pulled away, a little. He beat Brad by 0.02 of a second.
He was on to the last round, where 2 cars would face off. This was it, the final race would decide it all. It was Jimmie against Joe. Jimmie’s car was ready, hoping no problems would occur during the drag race. Joe had a Subaru BRZ. It was about to start. Who would win the $100,000 and a few cars to take home?
Jimmie looked at his parents and smiled, he was ready for the intense race. 3...2..1. Go!! The prize was going to be settled in 30 seconds or less. Joe had the advantage at the beginning, and Jimmie didn’t want to lose his favorite car. Jimmie was catching up near halfway. They were neck and neck at the ¾ mark. “Who won?” everyone in the crowd said. Jimmie lost, said the announcer of the drag racing for Slammed and Stanced cars. He lost by 0.001 of a second. It was the closest finish in drag racing history. He lost his car, and he was annoyed. The precious car was lost, and even though he won a few cars, he lost his favorite. Jimmie was getting depressed about it because he didn’t want to lose his favorite car, which he did. He drove home depressed and revved the engine a few times to try to make him happy. But he was not ready to go to school, the next day. He didn’t go to school, the next day and missed a lot of work.

He missed two tests, a lot of classwork in math and writing, and homework for 4 of his 6 classes. His parents were mad at him, because he had 2 B’s, 1 A, and 2 C’s, and 1 D. The grades weren’t the best, and his parents knew he could do a little better. It took him about 2-3 days to make up the work because he didn’t do it all in one day.  Jimmie was back to normal, but had a very challenging week after the race. Jimmie was ready for the biggest drag race of his life, Will he win it or only get to the last round?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sam Rodio Scene and Summary in Book 10/6/15

In my independent reading book, The Grand Canyon Journey by Peter Anderson scene and summary are involved. He shows more summary instead of scene more because he summarizes the rock layers and stories of The Grand Canyon.  He uses summaries more effectively because it He shows and tells the reader about the rock layers and how the canyon was made. He uses scene by putting pictures in the book and telling the reader what it is. He uses summary for other purposes because he can show and tell people about the canyon, without showing a scene with it. He uses summary more effectively because he can show the reader more and give more descriptions and details about the book.